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                1. China Light Construction Machines Manufacturer

                  VATOLE? plate compactor, tamping rammer, floor saw, power trowel, surface finishing screed, grooving machine at affordable price.

                  Who we are

                  Top Construction Machine Manufacturer

                  Wuxi W&H Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd("VATOLE?") found in 2007, is a rapidly growing company involved in research, design, development and manufacturing of light construction machines. It located in Yangshan industry park of Wuxi, which is 140 kilometers away from Shanghai, is with convenient transportation, advantageous geographical condition and complete industry machining facilities.

                  7*24 Hours Service

                  VATOLE? has an excellent after-sales service team to ensure the after-sales problems are solved in time.

                  Full-stack Supplier

                  Focus on construction machine manufacturing, and we can offer all construction machines for you.

                  Reasonable Price

                  High-performance price ratio is what VATOLE will endeavor to achieve and it is gradually accepted by most customers.

                  What we do

                  Best construction machines for you

                  VATOLE? Plate Compactor, Tamping Rammer, Floor Saw Road Blower, Power Trowel, Surface Finishing Screed and Grooving Machine Series.


                  VATOLE?(Wuxi W&H Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)  passed ISO9001 and EURO CE certification since 2014

                  VATOLE-ISO9001 certification

                  VATOLE-ISO9001 certification

                  Plate Compactor EURO CE certification

                  Plate Compactor EURO CE certification

                  Tamping Rammer EURO CE certification

                  Tamping Rammer EURO CE certification

                  Floor Saw EURO CE certification

                  Floor Saw EURO CE certification


                  What's Our Clients Say

                  MR Lee


                  We trust the quality of your products. It always the best. Keep this going, and we will establish a long-term trade relationship with you. VATOLE team is professional in tube machine.                    

                  Mr Filipe


                  Very appreciate for your professional service & higher standard quality control,very happy to know Wuxi W&H Construction Machinery.                    

                  Success Stories

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                  Wuxi W&H Construction Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

                  Phone: (86)510-83958829,(86)510-83952990

                  FAX: (86)510-83051887

                  Factory Add: No.7 Lutong road, Yangshan, Huishan,, Wuxi, Jiangsu, 214156, China

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